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Press Pause

I remember my Aunt Pearl always saying, “Life is filled with swift transitions!” What she meant is this, life brings with it so much change, unexpected, unrequested, and unsolicited. Change can be illness, death of a loved one, relationships that are broken, heartbreak, trauma, financial distress, or you can name your own. Too frequently change is allowed to dictate how we manage our world. Transitions can work to restrain us, change the way we view ourselves, keep us down, break us and even diminish our future. There needs to be a time to press pause. “Pause challenges the chaos that churns in our society with gentle suggestions to inject moments of fun, adventure, and self-care” (Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life, Katherine Gibson).

If you are in the middle of the whirlwind of life, at the eye of a life storm, or dealing with daily life routine that keeps you frazzled, press pause now! Take time aside to make certain that you are awake and aware. Being awake and aware is to be present in everything that is occurring in your life. Next, take action. No matter how difficult the circumstance, there is always something to learn. Even if that learning is “I do not want to be in this situation”.

Develop a plan to get you closer to your goal, your life’s dream or even your destiny. Some times this involves baby steps. When circumstances are beyond your control taking time to press pause can make the difference in whether you blame yourself, others or just simply recognize that life is not always fair and continue to move forward. Gibson suggests to press pause “dismiss the time thieves, set boundaries, and embrace the thrill of taking charge”. Take your moment today and press pause!!!

Debra F. Bell



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