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Stop, Start, Continue!

As we face the dawning of another year this is a time to consider what will cause us to excel, be our best selves, and achieve our goals. What is it you need to stop, start or continue in order to add to your success in the new year? Could it be your relationships, could it be your work in the market place, could it be something on a personal level? Spend time contemplating what your focus will be in one or all of these areas for the new year. Think short term and long term, then chart a path.

Make this year your best year yet. Get on top of your game, START that new business, book, relationship, diet, journal, school, career, whatever your new needs to be, Don't wait start NOW!! if you need to do some research get on the web, go to the library, get a life coach, or business coach. Talk to someone who you see doing what you want to do, ask questions, pick their brain! Find what you need to get motivated to do it NOW!

STOP all the things that inhibit your success. Time out for those self sabotaging actions. Stop the negative self-talk. Stop listening to those who do not believe in you or your vision. Stop wasting time in activities that do not support what you want and where you want to go. Stop talking about it and do it! Is there anything too hard for God? No!!! If that is true, and I believe that it is, then through Him you can do all things!!

Continue doing those things that work for you! Write it down, establish at least two things to do each month to get you closer to the goal. Use these action items throughout the year to determine what assignments you will take and those you will pass up. The point here is to make certain that what you spend your time doing all lines up with your purpose or your goals. Success and consistency go together. As I’ve observed successful people that is one clear element they all have in common. Be consistent, reflect often to see what works or does not work, then keep moving forward. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

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