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The phrase 'you bettah get yo' life' was coined by the popular Tamar Braxton on the reality show “The Braxton’s”. Today this is encouragement to not allow ignorance, stupidity, or other saboteurs to steal, short change, or distract you from experiencing all that your life has to offer. Sabotage is the work of deliberately undermining a cause. A saboteur is one who commits the act of damaging something deliberately so that it does not work correctly. There are many saboteurs out there, for instance, depression, haters, discouragers, addictions, abuse, and there are times when we commit self-sabotage. Saboteurs drain your energy, your hope and your drive making it difficult to do what you need to do, accomplish what you need to accomplish, and be the best you can be. So today let this phrase be your mantra, “You Better Get Yo’ Life!”. Here are a few things to help you ‘Get Yo’ Life’.

First you will go nowhere without a plan, the one who ‘fails to plan, plans to fail’. Develop a clear road map that includes, short term plans and then objectives that reach farther into the future, make sure they are realistic and that you add them to your calendar with reminders and alarms. List what it will take to achieve the goals you set and be sure to include rewards for each accomplishment.

Second, surround yourself with positive people. My friend Dr. Conte Terrell often says that “everyone cannot be on my front row”. I agree with her statement, this space is reserved for those who will encourage and cheer me on, for those who will be genuinely happy when I do well, for those who will speak truth to my foolishness and for those that I can talk to about my dreams. Dreams are precious and are not to be shared with everybody.

Third, challenge negative thinking. Whenever anyone, even you begin to speak negatively about your dreams or about your person, be prepared with a positive rebuttal, let them know “You Better Get Yo’ Life” because that is exactly what I am doing.

Finally, take care of you in the process. Live a healthy lifestyle, implement measures to assist in managing stress, set limits on what you can and cannot do (say no to some things that do not line up with your dreams), exercise, rest, eat healthy and do things that you enjoy-a hobby, sport, art, writing. Today resolve to say to yourself in word and deed, “You Better Get Yo’ Life!”

Today, “You Better Get Yo’ Life!”


P3 Coaching And Consulting, Debra F. Bell Owner

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18062 FM 529 Rd Cypress TX United States 77433

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